Conflict Visualization

Conflict Visualization for Evolving UML Models

A prototypical implementation of the conflict diagram generation is available for download.

Setup Guide

1) Download and unzip Eclipse Modeling Tools (Indigo Packages) from

2) Install Plugin EMF Compare UML2 Integration from Eclipse Indigo updatesite.
Go to 'Help' -> 'Install New Software', work with 'Indigo'. Select 'Modeling -> EMF Compare UML2 Integration'

3) Install 'EMF Modeling Operations' and the 'AMOR Conflict Detection' plugins from our updatesite.
Go to 'Help' -> 'Install New Software' and add a new updatesite with location
Install the following plugins:
* AMOR Conflict Detection
* EMF Modeling Operations

4) Download the OCL Compatibility Kit from
Go to Help -> Install New Software -> and add the archive as updatesite.
Update the following plugin:
* Object Constraint Language (OCL) 2.0 Compatibility

5) Download UML2 Tools from
Unpack the archive and copy the plugins and features contents to the respective plugins and features folders of your Eclipse installation.

6) Copy the plugins for the Conflict Diagram Generation to the plugin folder of your Eclipse installation and replace plugin org.eclipse.uml2.diagram.clazz_0.9.2.v201007172127.jar.

7) Import the example project into your workspace. Right-click on the file refactorings/PullUpField/pullUpField.operation and register the refactoring via 'EMF Modeling Operations' -> 'Register Modeling Operation'

8) To generate a conflict diagram, select the files origin.umlclass, left.umlclass, and right.umlclass from the models directory. Click right and run AMOR Merge -> Generate Conflict Diagram


Alternative Implementation

An alternative implementation of the Versioning Profile based on EMF Profiles is also available for download.

Installation instructions for EMF Profiles may be found on the EMF Profiles Website.